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Motherfucker, I told you, Goddamn it

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Dahmer's first appearance in court where he waived his ten day statutory requirement to have a preliminary hearing.
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Young Jeffrey Dahmer, [9:42].

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"I was completely swept along with my own compulsion. I don’t know how else to put it. It didn’t satisfy me completely so maybe I was thinking another one will. Maybe this one will, and the numbers started growing and growing and just got out of control, as you can see."

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All 250 of Jeffrey Dahmer’s possessions taken from the Oxford Apartments used and stored as evidence was sold for a total of $400,000 and destroyed in an undisclosed Illinois landfill. 

The images are from a recording showing some of Dahmer’s items like handsaw, hammer, drill, jeans, pillow, lava lamp, drugs, bicycle, blue drum and freezer being taken care of by collectors.

X: Video has loud intro and is in English regardless the foreign subtitles shown.

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Jeffrey Dahmer at age 17, photographed for the 1977 Revere High School yearbook..

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Lionel going to visit Jeff

come, gather, lets all cry now

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